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“With interactive technology we gain completely new motivational impulses and are opening up whole new modes of therapy.“

Nietzsche said, “We listen to music with our muscles”. Music and dance come from the same impulse and it is one that is shared by every human being. The MotionComposer is based on this principle. It is an easy-to-use device that turns movement — any movement — into music.

It is engaging for small children, senior citizens and everyone in between. Professional artists use it, but also persons of other abilities — including those with cerebral palsy, aphasia, autism, quadriplegia, blindness, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

The blink of an eye is enough to play a note!

The MotionComposer is being developed by dancers, composers, engineers, therapists; persons with and without disabilities. There are working models available, and the finished product is planned by the end of 2016. Essential to our process is that we try things out. A lot. We have had workshops in Canada, Spain, Germany, Austria, Norway, Italy, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Czech Republic and the U.S. It is not just a tool, but a community. Drop us a line and we will tell you how you can Get Involved.

I believe this technology has important potentiality in the field of rehabilitation both for improving environment interaction in severe disabilities and for movement control in paretic, dystonic and dyskinetic syndromes… The overall experience was very interesting, stimulating and challenging for all of our team, as well as engaging and quite pleasant for the children and their families.
Dr. Paolo Moretti Head Physician of the Rehabilitation Department Children’s Hospital Giannina Gaslini, Genova

Technical Details

There is nothing more essential to being human than music and dance. We have been doing it for 60 000 years. Children start to do it without any instruction whatsoever. It is literally inside all of us.
Robert Wechsler
MotionComposer (MC), a device that turns movement into music, developed especially for persons with different abilities. It uses video tracking techniques to track the movements of the users and feeds the movement-derived data to sound-generating sof t ware so that the users’ movements in front of the camera are converted into sound and music in real time. Beginning in 2010 with support from the Bauhaus University, the MC team has been seeking support for the claim that interactive digital movement-to-music technologies can play a role in affording dance and music engagement among highly diverse users, including those with severe physical or mental conditions. At the time of writing it is being developed by an independent group of artists and engineers from different European countries.

Choreographer and MotionComposer founder, Robert Wechsler, talks about the idea behind the device and what led him to the idea.


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We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

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Our Team

We believe in differently-abled teams can be more creative


Robert Wechsler

Artistic Director

Inventor of the MotionComposer, Robert is a choreographer and dancer and was an early experimenter with interactive technology. Founder of the Palindrome Dance Company, he holds an MA in choreography from New York University and was a protégé of Merce Cunningham and John Cage. He was also a Fulbright fellow and, together with Palindrome, won first prize at the Berlin Transmediale for “best interactive art” in 2002. He is has written numerous articles on dance and technology and is co-author of the book, “Assistive Technologies, Disability Informatics and Computer Access for Motor Limitations” and lives now in Weimar, Germany where he directs the MotionComposer project.


Delphine Lavau

Production Manager

Delphine is a cultural manager with a background in sociology and a master degree in political science. With 10-years experience in production, ticketing sales management, communication and public relations, she has worked for music, dance and digital arts festivals, in France and around the world. She has prepared studies and statistical analysis for cultural institutions in France including benchmarking studies, research outreach strategies. Delphine is vice-President of the Palindrome Dance Company where she coordinates projects and handles the accounting.


Josepha Dietz

Marketing Coordinator and Workshop Leader

Josepha has an MA in Media Management from Bauhaus University and has specialized in marketting and finance. She was coordinator of the Dresden Innovation Fund for Art and Media Technology at the Trans-Media-Academy (TMA) and has led numerous workshop for persons with and without disabilities in Spain, Germany and Poland in movement, theater, expessivity in the use of new technology. She was part of the MotionComposer “EXIST” team at Bauhaus University from 2011-2012.


Marcello Lussana

Musical Director

Marcello is a composer and creator of the MotionComposer’s “Techo” environment. He is a software engineer and free thinker specialized in interactive systems. Focal point of his work is the interaction between music and human movement, where body and computer are connected through a complex understanding of the body perception and dedicated interfaces. He produces computer music for audio-visual Performances, Dance, Theater and Live Electronics. He is co-founder of the Netlabel Fantomton and is based in Berlin.


Ekmel Ertan

Administrative Director

Ekmel is an artist, curator and educator. He is the founder and artistic director of the in Istanbul-based amberPlatform, a research and production platform on art and new technologies. He is the initiator of amberConference, the only Science, Technology and Art Conference in Turkey and works as coordinator for several international projects in the field of art, technology and society. Ekmel has exhibited his photography and new media installations works at festivals in New York and Turkey. He holds a BSc degree in Electronics Engineering and an MA in Interactive Media Design from Yıldız Technical University. He currently teaches multimedia and visual communication design at Sabancı University.


Annika Dörr

Fundraising Coordinator and Workshop Leader

Annika is a freelance dancer and works as translator and fundraiser for Motion Composer. 2012 Annika graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Theatre Arts from London Studio Centre (University of the Arts, London) with specialization in Contemporary Dance. Since then, Annika has worked with several independent choreographers and dance companies from all over Europe, including The Typewriters and Palindrome Dance Company. She also is a leader of creative workshops for persons with and without disabilities.



Andrea Cera

“Drums” Environment


Ives Schachtschabel

“Tonality” Environment


Andreas Bergsland

“Particles” Environment


Giacomo Lepri

“Fields” Environment


Pablo Palacio

“Ataxia” Environment


Marcello Lussana

``Techno`` Environment

Our Consultants
  • Dr. Paolo Moretti – Consultant for Therapeutic Application
  • Mathias Reinhardt – Consultant for Development
  • Klaus Nicolai – Consultant for Development Professor
  • Jens Geelhaar – Consultant Professor
  • Giselher Grenzdoerfer – Constultant
  • Frieder Weiß – Consultant for Motion Tracking Technology

… and we thank all the people; otherly-abled people, patients, therapists, educators, kids, we worked together from whom we learned a lot


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