MotionComposer 3.0

In the Fall of 2019 we will be releasing the MotionComposer3.0.  (In the meantime, we are offering free demonstrations of the prototype. Please contact us if you are interesting having one.)

Working with therapists, musicians and engineers — and of course with our colleagues with other abilities — we believe we have built something quite remarkable. It is versatile, fun to use and is filled with beautiful sounds.  It can be played by everyone, just by their movements in space!

The MotionComposer3.0 product will include:

  • MC3 Sensor box
  • Wireless Tablet-controller
  • Loudspeakers (recommended)
  • Introductory workshop (recommended)

Its features include:

  • State-of-the-art passive stereovision motion tracking (based on 2 small cameras, and nothing else)
  • 6 Musical environments from award-winning composers and musicians
  • Easy-to-use tablet controller — after pressing two buttons you are ready to make music.
  • For 1-person, 2-persons, or groups.
  • Expanded sound library: sounds from many animals and things from every day life
  • Save settings under the user’s name.
  • Song-playing. Now others can sing or play along.
  • Import-your-own-music function for persons with a favorite piece of music.


The MotionComposer allows everyone, regardless of physical or mental abilities, to express themselves through movement and music.  We offer to travel to your address, set-up the MotionComposer, and together we can explore the possibilities for its use.

There are two kinds of Workshop:
• for therapists and care-givers
• for persons with other abilities

With more than 12 participants, we recommend that we come with two workshop leaders from our team, and that we bring two MotionComposers.

Free Presentations (demonstrations) are also possible.  Please inquire!


Length 1-Workshop leader 2-Workshop leaders
Demonstration – FREE –
Short (2-3 hrs.) 475 EURO * 950 EURO *
1-Day (6 hrs.) 800 EURO * 1600 EURO *
2-Day (6 hrs. /day) 1500 EURO * 3000 EURO *
1-week (5 days) 3500 EURO * 7000 EURO *
* – before any required VAT.  These prices do not include travel and housing costs.