MotionComposer 3.0

The current version of the MotionComposer is the MC2.0. It is used by our team to lead workshops, and for research and development purposes. A small number have been sold to test customers.


Together with therapists, we have lead over 50 workshops. This has given us the knowledge base to develop the new product, the MC3.0. Highlights include:
• state-of-the-art stereovision motion tracking
• robust: works in different rooms and under different lighting conditions
• high resolution, low latency
• single portable chassis with tablet controller (no more cables!)
• expanded musical instruments, scales and composition algorithms
• expanded animal and nature sounds collection
• more techno and popular music
• import-your-own-music feature, for persons with a favorite song


The MC3.0 will be released early in 2019. The price has not been determined.


If you subscribe to our mailing list, we will let you know as soon as we have a fixed price and release date. In the meantime, workshops are an excellent way to get acquainted with the device and its possibilities for use.


We come to your facility, set up the MotionComposer and guide you and your team through all of the different ways to dance and make music with any ability.


There two kinds of workshops:

  • for therapists, care-givers, etc.
  • for persons with other abilities

If there are more than 12 participants, we recommend that 2 of us come (with 2 MotionComposers).

Price list:

Length 1-workshop leader 2-workshop leaders
Short (2-3 hours) 475 EURO * 950 EURO *
1-Day (6 hours) 800 EURO * 1600 EURO *
2-Day (6 hours each day) 1500 EURO * 3000 EURO *
1-Week (5 days) 3500 EURO * 7000 EURO *
   * – in addition, we ask for travel and housing. In some cases there is VAT added.