Valladolid, March 2010 – 1st Interactive Dance Days (See above video)
Valladolid, May 2012 – 2nd Interactive Dance days
Zamora, November 2014 – 4th Interactive Dance Days

Interactive Dance Days (Jornadas de Danza Interactiva) is a pioneering festival in Spain whose objective is to make accessible musical practice to persons with serious cognitive or motor impairment.

The festival is organized in collaboration with the Association of Cerebral Palsy and Fundacion Musica Abierta.

We have been many times to Spain, where we organize workshops working closely with researchers from Valladolid University (see their studies under the section on publications and research projects).

video from Valladolid, May 2012 – 2nd Interactive Dance days


documentary 2012 (only Spanish)