About us

The MotionComposer creates music from movement and enables people of all abilities to express themselves creatively and artistically.

Our vision is to establish inclusive dance and music making in society with the MotionComposer and in this way create happy moments for ALL. We want the MotionComposer to become so well known that it is part of the standard equipment in every therapeutic or educational institution and motioncomposing stands for inclusive dance and music. The MotionComposer should not only be a household name in the field of inclusion. We also want to spread our idea in art and culture to create breathtaking performances and installations.

Our customers are institutions for the disabled, educational institutions as well as art and culture professionals, whom we inspire to work with the MotionComposer in person-to-person demonstrations.

We not only offer the MotionComposer as a device, but also accompany you in becoming an expert with the MotionComposer yourself. You can train further in workshops and we are always there for you with help and advice through our community. We are constantly expanding the MotionComposer with new sound worlds, the "Easy Mode" and the possibility for artists to make their own music available in the MotionComposer.

We are a team of creative and passionate people who work for an inclusive society and live participation.

We see ourselves as a young company at the interface between technical innovation, the health industry and musical-dance expression. Everyone contributes to the success of our start-up and it is important to us that everyone is aware of this responsibility. It takes originality and cleverness to make our vision a reality. That's why we have a team that is characterised by diversity, a wide range of skills and life worlds. It is often not easy to reconcile this diversity - but we succeed thanks to our collegial and appreciative team culture. We work decentrally and with flexible working hours, because a good work-life balance and family friendliness are part of our self-image.