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Users' Manual: Do you have questions about the use? How can you get the best out of your MotionComposer? Find answers in the user manual.

Activities Book: Sound and gestures icons explained, a first start with MotionComposer, how to work with persons who don't like moving, storytelling and other ideas and input can be found in the MC Book of activities.



The MotionComposer is in continuous development. We are improving its functionality, adding music and more. Once or twice a year, we plan to release free updates for our customers. You can see your Version Number each time you start the tablet, at the bottom of the MotionComposer start-up screen. It also appears when there is no stick inserted, and you go to Settings>Updates.

The next planned Update is Version 3.13 and it is scheduled to become available in December 2022. See below for a description of what is new. To get a copy, just ask!  They are sent by USB stick in the mail.


Current Update:  3.13 (release: 12.22).  Some highlights:

  • New ME: "Your Music".  Using a USB stick, you can now load any song into the MotionComposer. You can play it using activity, or with gestures you can add accents and special effects.
  • Separate Activity control for drums zones mode.
  • Tonality now has a Chromatic Scale.
  • Using Position to play sounds is now separate from Activity within the Movement World menu.
  • Single arm hits and kicks can now be used with Horizontal mode.
  • Bug fixes to Tracking Module to prevent freezing and to allow very slow movement across the room.
  • Fields Zones now has a cricket 🙂



New musical environments will coming early in 2023.  We will inform you in a newsletter when they are released and available to install.









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