Robert Wechsler is a dancer and choreographer. He has always been fascinated by following movements to generate electronic music. He has worked in various projects and with numerous experts since the mid-90s to make music and movement possible for everyone.

Robert had the idea for MotionComposer in October 2010. He had a thought that stuck with him: to develop a device that would make motion tracking and the music generated from it available to everyone. And more than that - he wanted a device that specifically took into account the needs of people with disabilities.

So the MotionComposer was first developed as a thought experiment in research at the Bauhaus Universität in Weimar and later with the Fraunhofer-Institut IOS in Jena. Numerous people with different abilities participated in tests and further development and drove the project forward.

In 2011, the project at Bauhaus University Weimar was funded by an EXIST-Gr√ľnderstipendium. Josepha Dietz became part of the MotionComposer team to develop the MotionComposer to market maturity and to set up a company.

Founded in 2018, MotionComposer GmbH finally brought the MotionComposer to market. The young company is constantly developing the MotionComposer further. This is done in collaboration with numerous composers and the technology and manufacturing partner FusionSystems in Chemnitz.

Today, we are proud that the MotionComposer is available in numerous institutions throughout Germany and Switzerland. In this way, we help people to experience music and dance every day. In this way, we contribute to participation and inclusion.

We thank all those who accompany us on our way, especially the foundations, institutions and also private donors and support associations who make it possible for institutions to purchase a MotionComposer.