BlackBox Hexagram, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, in 2014
and New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival in 2014

The title plays on the composer Francois Bayle’s theoretical work dealing with the phenomenology of listening to acousmatic music – music without visual sound sources. While Bayle maps out modes of musical sound/play using movement metaphors like “rub”, “pull”, “push” or “slide”, we turn this around and instead map out movement modes using sound. The sounds palette of the piece is based on hundreds of prerecorded sound particles. The sound particles make up an amalgam of sound objects, differing greatly in quality and feel and the degree to which they invite concrete associations and narratives. They are played one at a time or concatenated into chains leading to dense clouds or roaring sound masses, depending on the dancer’s movements. Certain gestures can also enable movements within the temporal envelope of one “frozen” single particle, thus exploring its inner details.

Music by Andreas Bergsland
Choreography by Robert Wechsler
With dancers Jossia Clément, Annika Dörr and Teoma Naccarato