MotionComposer 3.0

As a unique and innovative tool to stimulate movements, the MotionComposer is suitable to open new, creative approaches in therapy, rehabiliation and specialized education.

If you are curious about MotionComposer, we are offering demonstrations and workshops. Contact us at sales(at)

The MotionComposer 3.0 features:

  • State-of-the-art passive stereo-vision technology
  • Easy-to-use tablet interface
  • over 50 musical environments from award-winning composers
  • Song-playing feature for learning and practicing specific songs
  • For 1-person, 2-persons, or groups
  • English, German languages, AAC Symbols
  • MC Kit including a book of activities with AAC cards

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We offer a variety of workshops in the fields of therapy, education or art, directly at your institution. Our workshops are designed for:

-professionals interested in exploring new music or dance therapy methods, expanding inclusive pedagogical content,

-persons with cognitive or physical impairment, persons with multi-handicap,

-all ages, from chidren to senior citizens.

We do workshops in small groups (max. 15 people). We can also propose other settings for your MotionComposer event.

Contact us at sales(at)

Prices and information:

Description Prices More information
Introductory Workshop


– FREE* –
Workshop for professionals
450 EURO *
Workshop for all (inclusive groups)
from 800 EURO *
On Stage with MC!
5 -Days
5500 EURO *
* – Before any required taxes (VAT).  These prices do not include travel and housing. Large workshops, with many participants, may require more than one workshop leader, and more than one MotionComposer.