October 24, 2017: Sense of Agency in the MotionComposer Therapy Device

Robert Wechsler gives a talk at Department for General Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Institute of Psychology // Friedrich Schiller University of Jena


"Sense of Agency"
SoA… “is the experience of controlling both one´s body and the external environment” (Limerick et al., 2014, Front. Hum. Neuroscience)

"... spatial and temporal contiguity between one's own and the observed movement are the major cues for self-attributing agency; however, they say little about the phenomenology or experience of agency: that is, what it feels like to be in control..."
(Patrick Haggard and Valerian Chambon, 2012)


Thank you to Prof. Dr. Stefan R. Schweinberger for the invitation.

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