January 2019: Momo’s Playroom

January 2019: Momo’s Playroom

Sensory Stimulation and Children

Momo's Playroom website: http://www.momosplayroom.de/

About Momo’s Playroom

In January, MotionComposer did a workshop with Momo’s playroom. Created by Stefan and Roi Röslmair, Momo’s playroom is a conscious family friendly community/environment for young children to explore and play using their senses. The goal of Momo’s playroom is to encourage play. The most important value is stimulating the senses to encourage children to learn. Since MotionComposer is a device that turns movement into sound, it was a great way for children to test their sense of hearing.

Playing with the Senses

According to Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research.” Play that involves the different senses creates new connections and neural pathways in the brain. These new neural pathways can increase a child’s ability to create more complex learning tasks. When we play an instrument (the piano for example) we are triggering the sense of sound with the movement of a finger, and this is an example of sensory play. The MotionComposer is a very unique form of sensory play, therefore, we decided to team up with Momo’s playroom.

When I got to interview Stefan, he told me about his very experimental approaches to exploring the senses, with a particular interest in sound. He has begun developing a 3D sound environment, which he plans to implement and allow children to use. The environment could include physical as well as non physical triggers, buttons, pads, and sensors that create different sounds when interacted with. Stefan mentioned that the idea of a MotionComposer in such an environment would be a perfect fit. This would allow children to develop and explore using their sense of hearing, while expressing themselves through movement. This would be a great way for children to practice playing with their senses.

Inklusion und selbstbestimmte Teilhabe durch Musik aus Bewegung.
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