MotionComposer 3.0 Design and Features

MotionComposer 3.0 Design and Features

The Future in Music Inclusion is Here!

With the MC 3.0 set to release this fall, many people are excited about the forward thinking device that converts movement into music. The new MotionComposer 3.0 is a revolutionary step forward in music inclusion, allowing people of all abilities to express themselves through movement and music. If you are unfamiliar with MotionComposer, please see this video (link) or check out our Homepage which explains what the MotionComposer does.

In this article we will cover the following features of the new MC 3.0:

  • New intelligent all-in-one design with an easy to use touch screen tablet controller.
  • Expanded sound library with a focus on inclusion.
  • Upgraded motion-tracking-technology using passive stereo vision.

Easy to use Tablet Controller

The intuitive MC 3.0 interface will be controlled by a touch screen tablet. Now you will be able to control the MC even while dancing! Easily select musical environments, change the instrument, and toggle settings from anywhere in the room with the touch of a finger.

Intelligent All-In-One Design

The MC 3 is an easy to transport all-in-one device, that takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Simply plug the device into the wall, and then connect it to the speakers. The MC 3 also comes with two Genelec studio monitors for a professional and clear sound. The device also has an aesthetically pleasing under-glow lighting system that synchronizes to the music that you play.

Inclusive Sound Library

The MotionComposer team has put together a diverse and expansive sound library that caters to all different types of people. With the goal of inclusion, the team has hand selected sounds that appeal to people of all different ages, physical abilities, and artistic backgrounds. Sprinkled across the 6 musical environments, the MC 3.0 sound library includes:

  • 9 playable musical instruments
    • play improvisational notes or learn how to play 2 classical songs.
  • 21 Fields sound environments
    • includes animal, nature, and miscellaneous sounds.
    • optional background ambiance helps you immerse yourself in the environment.
  • improved techno environment with more controllable parameters.
  • new particles and drums sound banks.
  • import your own music mode allows you to import and play your favorite songs.

Improved Motion-Tracking-Technology

Developed by Fusion Systems, the MC 3.0 uses passive stereo vision technology to track movements. Fusion Systems is an expert in the Auto industry, where the company uses this technology in smart cars to detect other cars and pedestrians for driver safety. Stereo-vision technology uses 2 HD cameras that act as a pair of eyes in order to detect and track movements in space. This method of motion tracking has several benefits over the previous MC 2.0 including:

  • Improved performance in rooms with heavy sunlight and/or theater lighting.
  • Higher 3d resolution than MC 2.0 for improved tracking of micro-movements.
  • Automatic aperture allows MC to adjust automatically to different lighting conditions.


If you have any questions, or you are interested in a free live demonstration please contact us at

Inklusion und selbstbestimmte Teilhabe durch Musik aus Bewegung.
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