MotionComposer visits Förderschule Hugo Kükelhaus

On September 5th, Mavrick visited the staff at Förderschule Hugo Kükelhaus for people with mental disabilities to demonstrate the joy of MotionComposer. The school works with people of other mental abilities to create growth and provide nice life experiences. The school has many environments which engage the senses, such as interactive art, craft studios, gardening activities, playgrounds, and unique musical instruments around the campus. The goal is to provide inclusion to people with mental disabilities, and allow them to have beautiful and meaningful life experiences, just as any person would. We teamed up with Johanna Sobirey to allow each of the staff memebers to try out the MC 2.0 and see the different musical environments that it offers. At the end of the day, the members of Hugo Kükelhaus were excited about the inclusive opportunities that the MotionComposer provides by converting body movements into music. Everybody is excited for the MC 3.0 to be released this year!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you are also interested in having a free live demonstration of the MotionComposer at your institution. If you would like to experience the MC firsthand, please email me at

For more information about Förderschule Hugo Kükelhaus for geistig behinderte in Magdeburg please see their website here:

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