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There is nothing more essential to being human than music and dance. For a hundred thousand years we have been dancing and making music. Children start doing it without being taught. It is inside all of us.  Nietzsche said, we hear music with our muscles. Anyone who has ever danced to music knows what he meant : our senses overlap.

The idea behind the MotionComposer is based on this phenomenon, what psychologists call synesthesia. It is the feeling that dance and music come from the same source. A universal and life-affirming place that lives within us all.

The MotionComposer is a device that turns motion into music.

“I believe this technology has groundbreaking potential in the field of rehabilitation, both for improving interaction with the environment for severely disabled people and for movement control in paresis, dystonia and dyskinesia. [...] The whole experience was extremely interesting, stimulating and delightful for the whole team, as well as involving and very enjoyable for the children and their families."
Dr. Paolo Moretti, Chief Physician of the Rehabilitation Department of the Giannina Gaslini Children's Hospital, Genoa.


The MotionComposer

A unique interactive device with 3D technology and over 50 sound worlds!
Including introductory workshop, software updates and extensive accessories.

MotionComposer for All

All Abilities | One-day workshop | 4 to 6 participants per group (plus care-taker) | 3 to 7 groups
from 850 € before VAT

MotionComposer Live-Demo

Experience the MotionComposer live! For institutions, professionals as well as potential sponsors.
Free (we ask for travel costs)




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Robert Wechsler

Technical Support,
Live presentation, Introductory workshop

Ellen Forke

Sales and Marketing
Coordination, Customer service

Delphine Lavau

Sales and Marketing
Coordination, Customer service, Workshops, User support


Hanna Schenk

Sales and Marketing
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      Board of Directors

      Robert Wechsler

      Robert is a choreographer and a pioneer in the use of interactive technology on the theater stage. He holds a Masters in Choreography from New York University and was a protégé of Merce Cunningham and John Cage. Robert was a Fulbright Scholar and together with his Palindrome Dance Company he won first prize for "Best Interactive Art" at the Berlin Transmediale in 2002. He is the author of numerous articles about dance, technology and persons of other abilities and is living today in Weimar, Germany.

      Josepha Dietz

      Josepha holds a Master of Arts in Media Management from Bauhaus University Weimar. In addition to her work at MotionComposer GmbH, she currently directs the children's and youth art school in Neubrandenburg. Josepha joined MotionComposer in 2010 and is part of the founding team. She has conducted numerous workshops throughout Europe for people with and without disabilities, focusing on movement, theater and new media.

      Ullrich Scheunert
      Consultant sensor technology

      Ullrich holds a diploma in electrical engineering from Chemnitz University of Technology and a PhD in the field of sensor data fusion. In research projects he further developed the topics of sensor data processing and data fusion. Since 2005, he has been managing director of FusionSystems GmbH, where he develops recognition systems for automotive applications and automation. At MotionComposer GmbH he is in charge of sensor technology and motion tracking.

      Mathias Reinhardt
      Strategischer Berater

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