The MotionComposer opens a low-threshold access to music and movement through non-verbal communication and self-determined participation. In particular, schools with the special needs areas of mental development, physical-motor development and vision are enthusiastic.

Often, the MotionComposer is part of a concept of action that educators develop in order to design inclusive services. In the so-called "augmentative and alternative communication", special education institutions use the MotionComposer as a mediator for intuitive expression.

The focus is on the motivation to move, the joy of making music, participation and self-determination. And the great feeling of self-efficacy for all.

There are many possible uses for the MotionComposer: As a group activity or for individual support, in the classroom, in the rhythm room, in the gymnasium, as a musical all-day activity or as part of a theater production during the project week.

Our users are constantly developing new concepts and scenarios for use.

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Our work with people with severe complex disabilities has shown that the MotionComposer offers great potential, especially with severely limited movement options. This applies not only to people with physical-motor impairments, but also to those with severe cognitive impairments.

The MotionComposer can empower people to express themselves physically, emotionally and even artistically. The experience of translating one's own gestures into music and immersing oneself in the various sound worlds of the MotionComposer is intense and brings so much joy that movement is no longer a question of motivation or effort. In this way, body and self-awareness can be promoted and coordination skills improved.

Music and dance as non-verbal media create an opportunity for communication and interaction and open up an audible and tangible access to one's own feelings and emotions. The MotionComposer is an ideal assistive technology for music therapy and augmentative and alternative communication, pain therapy, movement promotion and other therapeutic applications.

The MotionComposer can be used, for example, for:

  • Movement disorders (dyskinesias) such as cerebral palsy or dystonia
  • Autism
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia or Alzheimer's disease
  • Perceptual disorders

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You love music and dance and are open to new technologies? You are artistically active or simply want to bring more joy of music and movement into the everyday life of your institution?

You already have concrete plans that you would like to implement with the MotionComposer or are looking for ideas on how to use the MotionComposer in your projects?

Whether it's an inclusive dance performance, band project or stage show, open house, project day or practical seminar. We support you in the design and implementation of your ideas.

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Inclusion and self-determined participation through music from movement.
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