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The following materials are available for you after registration:

  • MotionComposer flyer
  • Presentation MotionComposer Coming soon!
  • Preview participatory book Coming soon!
  • Best Practice Example: Action plan for the use of the MotionComposer
  • Articles worth knowing about the MotionComposer
  • Selected video tutorials

For our users we have additional exclusive materials:

  • Presentation from the introductory workshop
  • Complete participatory book in the latest version
  • Gesture Table Coming soon!
  • MotionComposer curriculum templates and exercises Coming soon!
  • All info from the latest customer letters for reference
  • All video tutorials

All materials are currently only available in German

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MotionComposer info package
Images, logo and flyer for fundraising or press coverage. We are happy to provide additional content upon request.

Action concept for the use of the MotionComposer
Example of the Friedrich-von-Schiller-Schule Wolfsburg (special focus physical-motor development)

Research and reports around the MotionComposer:

Topic: Autism  PDF

Topic: Music therapy  PDF

Inclusion and self-determined participation through music from movement.
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