We have created short videos to help you get started using MotionComposer.


Tutorial #1: Background

Research reports from the video
Topic: Autismus   PDF
Topic: Musiktherapie   PDF

Tutorial #2: The structure of the MotionComposer

Tutorial #3: Main Menu

Tutorial #4: Menu of Music Environment

Tutorial #5: Tonality in horizontal player mode

Tutorial #6: Tonality in vertical player mode

Tutorial #7: Amélies Song

Tutorial #8: Pachelbels Song

Tutorial #9: “Fields” Musical Environment

Tutorial #12: Causality vs. synaesthesia

Tutorial #13: Duets

Tutorial 17: Pachelbel in horizontal mode

More Tutorials in Progress:

Tutorial #10: "Drums" music environment

Tutorial #11: The Motion Menu

Tutorial #14: Zone mode

Tutorial #15: Tips and tricks

Tutorial #16: How does the MotionComposer work?

Stereovision is a complicated process. Here is a look into some of the secrets.


Inclusion and self-determined participation through music from movement.
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